Experience A Melting, Psychedelic Night Sky In VR

Experience A Melting, Psychedelic Night Sky In VR
February 22, 2021

In this video, we are checking out Deep States VR: Atmospherical Beings as well as Deep States VR: In a Timelapse. Both experiences are made by Marc Zimmermann. This is a follow-up to our video of The Bliss of Solitude. Zimmerman has also created Conscious Existence: A Journey Within, which we've released a video on before.


These are amazing experiences, and Marc has really designed some beautiful environments in which it is giving to just be and spend time. You can also turn on the trippy mode for extra psychedelic effects. Watch the sky melt in a timelapse, and travel to another alien planet filled with atmospherical jellyfish.


What's even better for you, is that you can try this for free and contribute by giving feedback!

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