CrimeDoor Opens Doors To Famous Crime Scenes In AR

CrimeDoor Opens Doors To Famous Crime Scenes In AR
November 16, 2020

Hollywood producer and broadcast journalist, Neil Mandt, today launched CrimeDoor, a unique Augmented Reality (AR) based app delivering visually immersive True Crime experiences that "open the doors" to real crime scenes. When users enter these doors to the spatial web they are brought into virtual experiences that recreate the scenes detectives encountered when they originally arrived. Created with the dedicated True Crime fanbase in mind, the app will launch with hundreds of profiles that contain in-depth, curated, unbiased news and information related to famous as well as small town murder and missing person cases around the world.  


CrimeDoor's unique AR experiences include well known tragic deaths like John LennonNicole Brown Simpson and JonBénet Ramsey, to soon-to-be released local mysteries like Rebecca Zahau and Carla Walker and famous serial killer cases like Ted Bundy's first victim, Georgann Hawkins, and more.  Based on publicly available evidence and photos from crime scenes, CrimeDoor's AR platform allows the True Crime community to put themselves in these moments to experience 3D evidence with chilling reality. 


CrimeDoor is a content hub for True Crime where the community will be able to learn more about their favorite cases and discover new ones by searching geographically, watching curated videos, reading news articles, and listening to relevant podcasts.  The app's geolocation technology also allows users to see where crimes have occurred, providing directions to the sites on demand.


Creator Neil Mandt says, "We aren't celebrating killers, we are giving a voice to the victims.  Our biggest focus is on unsolved murders and missing persons and by adding cases and content on a daily basis we hope to raise awareness and quite possibly justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves."  Mandt continues, "We have created an easier way for True Crime enthusiasts to engage in their passion by bringing content into one centralized app.  Through our groundbreaking AR technology, anyone can explore and experience crime scenes in a way that has never been possible."


For the first time ever, police and detectives can revisit a murder scene without any distractions or time limitations.  Former detective and cold case investigator Paul Holes, who helped crack the Golden State Killer case, calls CrimeDoor "a game changer for cold cases around the world."


CrimeDoor creatively integrates the rapidly growing field of AR within one of the most popular content verticals, True Crime, to create a new kind of storytelling model that mobile device users can immerse themselves in for hours.  AR is one of the fastest-growing consumer technologies in today's entertainment world and True Crime - with an audience of over 50 million in the United States - is one of the largest and fastest growing of all genres and a defining programming centerpiece for many media companies. 


CrimeDoor will be available on iOS and Android for free download. Access to individual AR portals is $1.99 and a subscription to access all portals is $4.99/month.  CrimeDoor is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information on CrimeDoor, visit and follow on Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook

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