Amazon Introduces AR Packages To Celebrate Halloween

Amazon Introduces AR Packages To Celebrate Halloween
October 20, 2020
Image Credit: Amazon


Customize your own AR jack-o’-lantern via the company’s new interactive boxes.


Customers who purchase an item through Amazon now until Halloween can expect a little surprise with their eco-friendly boxes. Until October 31st, Amazon will be distributing its products via special Halloween-themed packaging that allows customers to design their own augmented reality jack-o’-lantern.


On these special holiday-themed boxes, customers will find a blank white pumpkin located on the side of the packaging. Using a regular black marker, they can customize their own jack-o’-lantern with a spooky face or other unique features. When combined with Amazon’s AR app, customers can actually bring their artwork to life. Not exactly a revolutionary use-case for AR technology per se, but still a neat little addition for the holidays.

“The new experience is a low-cost way for customers to celebrate and a fun way to reuse boxes before dropping them in the recycling bin,” said an Amazon spokesperson while speaking to FOX Business.


These reusable boxes fall in line with Amazon’s previously-announced Climate Pledge, in which the company committed to reducing it carbon footprint by the year 2040.

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