All The New 3D Animals You Can See In AR On Google

All The New 3D Animals You Can See In AR On Google
October 11, 2020

Even more 3D animals that you can see with your mobile thanks to Google’s augmented reality.


From today, you can see new 3D animals in the « real world » thanks to Google’s augmented reality. The company has made official the arrival of a total of 27 new 3D models of different species of animals, some real like the Chihuahua, and others fantastic like the Unicorn.


These 27 models are added to the huge list of 3D objects and animals available in the augmented reality mode integrated in the search engine, accessible through any mobile compatible with the ARCore function.


They also come just a few weeks after Google introduced 3D dinosaurs and extinct animals alongside historical objects, further increasing the variety of 3D models available.


Visualize 3D animals in the real world thanks to Google


All the new animals you can see in 3D on Google


In this update, Google has mainly focused on introducing somewhat more common animal species, as well as different Dog breeds. Here is the complete list:

- Akita
- Beagle
- Border collie
- Bulldog
- cane Corso
- Chihuahua
- Coyote
- Dachshund
- Doberman
- Donkey
- Fennec fox
- German shepherd
- Giraffe
- Hamster
- Hippopotamus
- Little cat
- Cow
- Ox
- Pork
- Pitbull
- Ragdoll cat
- Red panda
- Siberian Husky
- Sphynx (sphinx cat)
- Unicorn
- Corgi
- Zebra


To view them in 3D in real space, you just have to perform a search in the mobile web browser or through the Google search app that contains one of these animals. Finally, to visualize them you will have to touch the button « See in your space », and point the mobile camera at any well-lit place.


It is worth mentioning that not all animals on the list are already available in google search. However, it has been confirmed that sooner or later they will be available to everyone.


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