Wella Brings AR Into Salons With Color DJ

Wella Brings AR Into Salons With Color DJ
July 17, 2020
Photo: via Wella


Online booking and salon management systems have become commonplace, but salons are about to get a whole lot smarter leveraging consumer-facing beauty tech. Wella Professional has plans to shape the future of the hair salon experience with consumer-facing technology that will allow owners to provide clients a 360° digitally-enabled experience. Wella unveiled two beauty tech products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas last week.


“Our brands have a deep heritage in supporting the salon industry, and the launch of the Wella Digital Salon Platform reimagines that support in the digital age,” said Chris Chesebro, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation & Ecommerce at Coty Professional Beauty. “We’ll be using 2020 to build our foundation, launching in a number of salons to help build the model. The platform is powered by CareOS, allowing us to aggregate services and information from many sources and to help empower hairdressers and salon owners to more efficiently manage their business—not to mention, offer new & innovative services to their clients.”


Smart Mirror, developed in partnership with CareOS, enhances the hair color experience from consultation to aftercare with live augmented reality (AR) hair color try-on, facial recognition that enables the retrieval of past looks, and 360° video capture to view the hair at every angle.


- Live AR hair color try-on that allows real-time visualization of color in the mirror during the consultation phase of a client’s salon visit.

- Facial recognition technology that enables the retrieval of past looks and services, helping the stylist to better serve their client with a highly personal experience across several visits.

- Curated feed of content, including trending and classic looks, to allow the client to browse for inspiration.

- 360° video capture of the hair at every angle allowing for a better appreciation of the result, without the need to use another mirror. These images can also be shared on social media.

- Connected mobile application, allowing stylists to stay in touch with their clients in-between visits. Clients can also access the platform from anywhere to connect with their stylist, get product recommendations, personalized tips, and trends, or schedule their next appointment.

- Touchless technology that responds to swipe hand gestures enabling a seamless experience.


Color DJ is the world’s first in-salon device for stylists to design and produce ultra-personalized Color Masks digitally. With over 60 billion color combinations possible, in addition to personalized levels of conditioning properties and fragrance, salon clients walk away with a bespoke, take-home product completely tailored to their needs.


- World-first in-salon device for stylists to design and produce ultra-personalized glossing color masks digitally.

- Created by a trained salon professional in front of clients.

- 60 billion possible color combinations, with bespoke care and fragrance levels, that offer the possibility for over 1 trillion ultra-personalized formulas.

- Color DJ is accompanied by a digital ecosystem, where formulas can be stored, shared in the salon, used again and again for the same clients, or be slightly modified according to seasonal trends while respecting data privacy.


“These innovations speak to our commitment to advance the experience of hairdressers and salon clients. These are not one-off gimmicks they are mainstream changes which will future-proof and help drive growth of the salon professional industry,” said Sylvie Moreau, President, Coty Professional Beauty.

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