John Lewis Launches AR LIPSTICK Experience

John Lewis Launches AR LIPSTICK Experience
April 25, 2019

There’s nothing more annoying than ordering a lipstick online, only to find that it’s a completely different to shade to what you expected.


But buying makeup online just got a lot easier, thanks to John Lewis ’ new augmented reality lipstick experience.


The retail giant has launched a new app that allows users to virtually try on thousands of lipsticks from over 300 brands, including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, BECCA and Lancome.


The ‘Try On’ feature takes you to a live selfie screen, where you can test virtual lipsticks in real time, allowing you to get a more accurate idea of what they actually look like.

“Beauty is the perfect space for us to experiment with this technology and we hope our customers have lots of fun using it.”


The ‘Try On’ feature is available in the latest version of the John Lewis & Partners app from the App Store.


Unfortunately it’s currently unavailable for Android users, and it remains unclear when, or if, John Lewis plans to launch an Android version.

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